Zane Žeivate


tomorrow might be too late
so go fuck while you can,
throughout menstruation - ovulation
throughout the other phases of your cycle

tomorrow might just come on time
the day you realize –
you failed your counting

but you never really counted anything,
you ain’t no accountant
not for the government

you are an actress
and a goalkeeper
a pastry cook, a comedian, a vet
a beauty parlour owner, a midwife

you are a farmer,
an activist, a hustler
and already a mom

I was drunk when I failed my counting,
still hear the sighs of irresponsibility.
she took a cab home
she ran from her home,
cause there was no home anymore.
that’s when she failed hers
and how would you now call that?
a destiny or a masturbation in the court?

go fuck while you can
it’s solstice tradition
go fuck before tomorrow
before your bones remind you age –
it’s a menopause, baby
you finally are off to go

go fuck before tomorrow
before your cancelled appointment
or don't do the fuck at all
and start the count
1 2 3
March 2023
“You have a fighter,
it’s a healthy boy!”


 Tu smaržo rotaļīgi kā apelsīns / Your Wrist Smells like Orange. - Sast. Zane Žeivate, teksts- Zane Žeivate.- Amsterdama: Zane Žeivate, 2021. - 48 lpp.