Vineta Kaulaca. Pārklājumi/Overlays.- Exhibition catalogue (Curator, Editor of catalogue, Author – Ilze Zeivate). – Riga: Maksla XO Gallery, 2018. – 6.p.

ArtMaze Magazine. 2017. Late Summer Issue 4,- 78-79 p.

ArtMaze Magazine. 2017. Late Summer Issue 4,- 78-79 p.


11° Arte Laguna Prize. - Italy: Arte Laguna, MoCA Modern Contemporary Art, 2017. - 179 p.

11° Arte Laguna Prize. - Italy: Arte Laguna, MoCA Modern Contemporary Art, 2017. - 179 p.


a-n Magazine, February 2005 TIME TO TRAVEL Artist's story: Vineta Kaulaca

Vineta Kaulaca is an artist based in Riga, Latvia. She has recently shown Painting Installation at Access Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth as a result of a residency hosted by ARC an Art Space Portsmouth organised in association with Braziers International Artists Workshop. She has taken part in Braziers International Artists Workshop, Triangle Artists Workshop New York and completed a residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin. Her work will be showing in Raid projects, Los Angeles in March 2005.

My work is mostly about perception: the way we look at the world building up an image of the whole from different fragments. Fragments based on our emotional relationships to, and intellectual experiences of, an image. We rely, unawares, on the role of time and distance in this process of seeing. I am particularly interested in applying, to other media, my findings as a painter; I am interested in the synergy between drawing, photography, cinematography, installation.

Taking photos is a way of taking notes, it marks a point of reference for further exploration by other means. I use photos - capturing the elusiveness of a look and indicating pauses - to document the trajectory of the observing eye, cast around, meeting the world. My work aims to illustrate the ambiguity and relativity of perception.

One of the most important areas for me in painting - a very time-consuming process in itself - is the simultaneous presence of reality and imagination, which allows the painting to be viewed as record or repository of time. Painting examines an ordinary act of looking, extended through close scrutiny and yielding a process somewhere between aligning memory and evoking presence. Time acts differently in photography, every photograph contains information of ‘that-which-has-been'.

A new constituent of my work is travel. Looking, as the first step of communication, helps to define one's location. I view travel as an experience of seeing and expanding knowledge, dependent on individual viewpoint and cultural context. The distance and the time offered by the residencies and workshops that I have been recently involved in are preconditions as well as key turning points in my practice. Leaving home, one sets a distance from the past, which later contributes to lessons about gaining freedom, discovering one's identity and playing with it in a new context. Travel has also forged a new perspective on my experiences and helped to evaluate the knowledge I"ve gained, contributing to my growth as a person.

My personal artistic background has been shaped by the travel of my country through major historical stages. My experience has been richly fermented through studies in the USA and Germany. It has helped me to put a perspective on art processes at home. Being involved in art projects and forums in UK has laid new foundation for communicating with the art in its greatest diversity.