Olga Shilova

Olga Shilova ( 1966 )

Olga Shilova's sculptures always attract attention with their reality, humaneness, simplicity and exquisite, even sensual treatment of the material- bronze or aluminium surface.
The artist likes creating by hand and handling herself even large-scale works that are placent in urban space. The basis of her works is sculptural form, which Olga Shilova artisticially deforms, lengthening the proportions, thus creating her own world of images, very personal and emotional.

Olga Shilova (1966) has graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Art Academy of Latvia (1991). Since 2010, she is an associated professor at the Department of Sculpture of the Art Academy of Latvia. Since 1987, Olga Shilova has been participating in exhibitions and has organised 13 solo shows.
Olga Shilova's works are in various public collections: Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia), Jurmala City Museum (Jurmala, Latvia), Ventspils Museum (Ventspils, Latvia), Swedbank Contemporary Art Collection (Riga, Latvia), Ventspils Nafta Collection (Ventspils, Latvia), Latvian Bank collection (Riga, Latvia), Royal Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark), Fundacion Murcia Futuro (Murcia, Spain), Toyamura Sculpture Biennale Committee (Hokkaido, Japan). As well as numerous private collections in Latvia, Cyprus, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USA, France.