Anthony Faroux

Anthony Faroux (1971)

Anthony Faroux is a French artist based in Copenhagen who makes paintings, drawings and plays music in the band “Squares and Triangles”. By making references to pre-hellenistic and mid-early twentieth century art, Anthony Faroux creates (un)recognizable shapes, pointing outwards at objects known to the world and inwards towards the material of the work.

In the chronology of the realization, the question of the end is open ended. The picture can be painted indefinitely or can be finished with the first marks. Matter sometime take over over what is planned in the first place. Failure, traces left after editing give way to unexpected situations. The picture is finished when a coherent event occurs; A balanced relationship between the elements depicted, the colors, the material and an impression of narrative.

Furthermore the surface of the painting is used as a field where protagonists play; The forms within the pictures have an existence recalling human interactions and dispositions of objects of the world; Confrontation, intimacy, attraction or outskirts of cities, military layouts as well as utensils on shelves. Additionally, the choice of palette makes possible to represent an imaginary that approaches a reality by the use of ranges of neutral tones, the colors from tubes whose names refer to objects coming from the terrestrial milieu.

Finally, each painting has a title which establishes a link between them and an idea; an interaction happens between the pictures with a (un)dertermined context. They refer to contemporary art, news reports from medias, popular culture and extracts of erudite ideas.
The ambition of this work is to show a process intrinsic to painting, its history and a space for oneiric reflection.

Recent exhibitions include: POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2017; What's on your mind?, Maksla XO Gallery, Riga; To fill a void, APT gallery, London; So Much Into Collectivity After All – A Collaboration Between Mille Højerslev Nielsen and Anthony Faroux, Sig Mig, at Tingene Taler #1, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen, Till the end of it, Gallery Maksla XO, Riga and Repressed Statements and Some Collectibles at 43 Iverness, London.
Anthony Faroux was born in 1971 in a diplomat’s family in Aix-en-Provence, France. The artist grew up between the Mediterranean and New York. He went to school in Lebanon and Morocco, studied at the ÉcoleSupérieure desBeaux-Arts de Marseille (ESBAM) (Marseilles, France) and in 2007 graduated from Royal Academy of Arts in London (UK). He spent an year and worked at the British school in Rome (Italy, 2007-2008) and Durham Cathedral Residency (UK, 2010-2011).
Since 2006 Anthony Faroux has participated in 25 international group shows in Europe and organized 4 solo exhibitions. ). In 2013 he received the prestigious Jerwood Painting Fellowship.
Artist lives and works between France and Denmark.