Arturs Berzins

Arturs Berzins (1971) 

“The world depicts itself all time, and various texts have been written about images... Texts by different philosophers have been mainly used in my “Works of Images”.
Like music is played from partiture, in the “Works of Images”, I treat world’s images as partiture and try to play them. This partiture has an unknown author. It is not supplemented or mixed with other images. In some cases, parts of it have been concealed. While depicting them, the main focus was paid to intonation.
The suitability for the depiction of the images was determined by their compatibility with texts. And fragments of these texts are used as image captions. Titles and authors of texts can also be found in the titles of works” - Arturs Berzins.

Arturs Berzins (1971, Latvia) – is one of the most interesting contemporary artists with his own unique, especially refined drawing-painting technique. The main emotional impulse is found in the nature and in the environment, where the artist lives. And for that reason in the central role of Arturs Berzins’ art is the relationships between man and nature. His paintings - monochrome and visually ascetic series of works – are conceptually exciting studies of traditions in a landscape painting, culture and system-creating structures, time and the passing of time, as well as traditions of thought. With a painting Arturs Berzins has accomplished a conceptual study of our ideas about nature and the role of art in the creation of our perception of reality.

In 2009, Arturs Berzins received his master’s degree in art from the Latvian Academy of Art, and, in 2014 - a second master’s degree in the science of art and the history of culture. He has regularly staged personal exhibitions since 2008 (more than 20) and is one of the most vivid representatives of contemporary art in Latvia today.
For his solo exhibitions "Works of Images" (gallery “Maksla XO"/17.12.2015.–19.01.2016.) and "Works of Images II" (Olaine history and art museum/09.11.–8.12.2016.) Arturs Berzins has been nominated for the prestigious Purvitis Prize 2017.

Arturs Berzins lives and works in Olaine, Latvia.