Kaspars Podnieks

Kaspars Podnieks ( 1980 )

The young and promising ( nominated for the Purvītis Award 2011, too ) artist Kaspars Podnieks's areas of activity are video, installation, and staged photography.
Since 2001 Kaspars Podnieks has actively participated in exhibitions. His most important international shows are the 2 Show contemporary art exhibition at the Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (2003), the Disorder exhibition at the Arsenāls Exhibition Hall in Riga (2005), the Time Will Show exhibition at the Flensburg Museum in Germany (2008) and the Buket exhibition at the National Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow (2008). Currently Kaspars Podnieks is living and working in Drusti, at his ancestral home, the place which inspires him the most.

Podnieks photographs himself. Himself, alone, non - digitally lifted above his native village and its landscapes. It is not a manipulation, there's no particular way of processing the image : the artist stands on a small gangway, as if soaring above the land of his birth. You don't see the plank, just a person in the air. Everything is real, but this reality is staged through tension which shoud be understood by the thinking wiewer [...]. (H.Demakova)

Kaspars Podnieks's conveys about his metaphisical ties with the familiar envinonment  of his native Drusti village. Here one can observe a rather paradoxical combination : a blend of urban intellectualism with Latvian country mentality, which hirts at a kind of peasant, slyness, practicality, faith and even naivete and sincerity of the artist that he himself admits [...]. (J.Borgs)
And besides Podnieks's image is illusory, poetic and it isn't documentary realism, artist tills everything with meaningful angles.

In 2013 Kaspars Podnieks represents Latvia at the 55th La Biennale de Venezia ("North by Northeaste", together with Kriss Salmanis).