Maija Kurseva

Maija Kurseva (1981)

Maija Kurseva’s creative talents manifest themselves in many ways. She is a virtuoso illustrator, a teller of absurd "chance" stories and an enfant terrible all in one. Her artworks are humorous, savage, attractive and illustrative. […] Maija Kurseva works in drawing, comics, silk screen printing, street art, installation, video, animation and graphic design. (Ieva Astahovska)

“The thing that characterizes my circle of interests is humour and the fact that I don’t restrict myself in a specific medium. In the future, I also hope to try something new every time, broaden my technical abilities or limits of freedom. Invent something from nothing – there’s nothing here, and then suddenly there’s something! Make up from nothing, invent something new – it’s incredibly awesome! ” (Maija Kurseva)

Maija Kurseva has graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at the Art Academy of Latvia (2008) and has studied at the Department of Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts (2004).
Maija Kurseva is open to spontaneous ideas and phenomena of various art processes that are happening right now: since 2012, she is one of the founders and editors of ''Popper Publishing'', as well as the founder and director of gallery “Low” (2017). Since 2010, in parallel to various art-related projects, Maija Kurseva teaches illustration and silk-screen at the Art Academy of Latvia.
Since 2004, Maija Kurseva’s works have been exhibited in Latvia and Europe. She also organized musical performances through her Odd April Cherries foundation (2005), created visualization clips of Latvian poetry for the Poetry Days festival in Riga (2007), created the set design for an puppet theatre production (2008).