Paula Zarina-Zemane

Paula Zarina-Zemane (1988)

Paula Zarina-Zemane’s favourite medium of expression is painting, and she mostly employs oils and canvas because she believes the technical possibilities offered by these materials have not yet been exhausted. The artist has a refined sense of colour and skilfully achieved nuanced tonal depths; her works are characterised by a mysterious femininity, often hidden in laconic compositions that leave space free for the imagination.
The recent Paula Zarina-Zemane’s paintings are landscape-oriented. The transformation of the horizon line into a join and thereby into the centre of drama creates an emotional experience where the intensity of the horizon becomes the main object.

“Those are magical moments, when in a split of second I see something that is very clear before my eyes until the moment I wink my eyes , and this apprehension of immeasurability, perfection and even happiness has vanished. It is momentary awareness of fulfilment which vanishes equally momentarily“- Paula Zarina, 2014.

Since 2008 paintress has participated in group exhibitions in Latvia and other countries.