Madara Neikena

Madara Neikena (1988)

Madara Neikena belongs to the new generation of Latvian painters. She is one of the few artists who continue painting a la prima  in the plain air. Her attention is attracted by marine and seaside - interaction of color and light, which young artist converts in to conditionally landscape, which has mediative nature and artistic creation and perception level.

Madaras Neikena’s works are characterized by the lightness of color and landscape, minimalism and laconic pictorial expression where the composition of the paintings and the emotional message is sometimes drawn with just a few lines.

On 2015 Madara Neikena graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Painting. In 2014 she received the "SEB Scholarship in Painting" (Latvia) and the "Premio Marina di Ravenna 2014" (Italy). Since 2010 Madara Neikena has successfully participated more than 47 group exhibitions and plein airs in Latvian and abroad.

Madara Neikena lives and works in Riga, Latvia.