Kristaps Zarins

Kristaps Zarins (1962)

Kristaps Zarins’ painting has always been loose and in the latest works it seems “as if some sort of weight has been lifted,” it is full of vitality, but at the same time of an internal peace, as well. The vibrant reds, browns and yellows have faded away and in their place combinations of lively purples, yellows and blues have emerged.
In the latest works the well-known painting of Kristaps Zarins reveals itself in a completely new way – during the past year, the artist has devoted himself to painting on paper with mixed media- acryl and watercolours. Brand-new are not only the used materials, but also the fact that the artist has changed, without even noticing it.  In the new works, the same colour richness and in realism-based form of a woman remains, only now, all of it has been fused with the spring air and the southern sun - the sky without a single cloud and almost detectable midday heat. Kristaps Zarins’ characteristic painterly brush strokes have gained transparency, although physically not being such. Where previously the oil painting found its place on canvas, now shines in the light, which was accomplished by leaving white, colour-free spots on the surface. The image of the woman is barely discernible, as well. It is hidden in-between plants and flowers or disguised behind the purple shadows of the trees. (Ilze Zeivate, 2018.)

Kristaps Zarins has graduated from the Department of Painting of the Art Academy of Latvia (1986). Since 2017 he is the rector of the Art Academy of Latvia. The artist has organized more than 20 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows all over the world.
Kristaps Zarins works are in public collections – Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia), Collection of Artist's Union of Latvia (Riga, Latvia), Art Foundation Collection (Moscow, Russia), Collection of the Russian Ministry of Culture (Moscow, Russia), Collection of the Russian Art Academy (Moscow, Russia).