Ilze Žeivate



 An art historian with experience in journalism and curator work of art exhibitions. Extended interest and creative work in the history of architecture and interior, also in the interior design.

Date of birth:                          7th of February 1972

Education:                             1996-98 Master Degree in Latvian Academy of Arts

                                                1992-96 Section of Art Science in Latvian Academy of Arts

                                                1975-1986 Secondary school of Malpils

Work experience:               Since 1999 - Director of Maksla XO art gallery

Starting from 1999 more than 150 exhibitions of contemporary Latvian art - painting, sculpture, graphics, design, architecture

International projects, art exhibitions:

 2007                                     Ivars Heinrihsons "The Run". In co-operation with "TV DART" gallery in Berlin

2004-07                               Making of the Swedbank Latvian Contemporary Art Collection (more than 400
                                              works of art)

2005                                    "Latvian painter - Gedarts Eliass".  In cooperation with "TV DART" gallery in
                                              Berlin and Gedarts Eliass's Museum of Art and History in Jelgava, Latvia

2005                                     "Paintings and Graphic by Mikhail Chemiakin". In cooperation with the
                                               Foundation of the artist Mikhail Chemiakin in St. Petersburg, Russia

2003                                     "Dispute. Self-Portrait with an Old Master". In co-operation with Latvian
                                                National Museum of Art and Gedarts Eliass's Museum of Art and History in
                                               Jelgava, Latvia

2002                                      "St.Petersburg - 300".  Photo exhibition of humanitarian expositions all
                                               around the world "Blagovest". In co-operation with Latvian Environment
                                               Protection association and psychology institute "IMATION"

2001                                      "Architect-deconstructor Daniel Liebeskind. Precision/Adventure".
                                                Exhibition and lecture of architect. In co-operation with Latvian Architect 
                                                Union, Victory and Albert museum in London, Jewish Museum in Berlin and 
                                                Daniel Liebeskind's bureau in Berlin

2001                                      Maksla XO art gallery as one of organizers of creative workshop of architects
                                               commanded by arch. Meinhard fon Gerkan and Jurgen Ponto - Stiftung

2000                                      Brigita Flanneri "Development + Connections 1995-2000".  In co-operation
                                               with committee of Cultural Relations of Irish Foreign department in Latvia 

Printed works related with


2009                                        "Journey". Catalogue for the exhibition "Journey" by painter Kristaps

2008                                        "Sharp". Catalogue of works by painter Tatiana Krivenkova

2008                                        "Hansabanka Contemporary Art Collection"

2007                                         "Helena Heinrihsone". Catalogue of works by painter Helena Heinrihsone

2005                                         "Oskars Mikans". Booklet for the exhibition "MA" by sculptor Oskars Mikans

2005                                         "Ivars Heinrihsons". Booklet for the exhibition "Mortification of the Form" by
                                                   painter Ivars Heinrihsons

2004                                         "Vilis Ozols". Booklet for the exhibition by painter Vilis Ozols

2003                                          "Dispute. Self-Portrait with an Old Master". Catalogue for the group