07.02. - 06.03.2012. Elvira Pinnis un Rudolfs Pinnis "MASKS"

07.02.2012. - 06.03.2012.

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

Elvira Pinnis "Masks"

Elvīra Pinnis (1904 – 1984) and Rūdolfs Pinnis (1902 – 1992)


Māksla XO Gallery from 07.02. – 06.03.2012

In the exhibition Elvīra Pinnis and Rūdolfs Pinnis „MASKS” for the first time to the publice will be exposed around twenty sculptures - crenellated masks by Elvīra Pinnis made by hand in a cellular concrete and claya, as well as seven Rūdlofs Pinnis paitings from family and private collections.

Rūdolfs Pinnis (1902 - 1992) is classical, old master of Latvian painting, an artist who worked in magnificent scope and whose works even in the 21th century have lost nothing of their topicality and contemporariness. He drew the esence of paiting from Latvian landcape and the Paris avant-garde schools of the beginning of the 20th century. So there is a good reason for calling him the Parisian of Latvian painting. This is true because he was abundantly absorbing a culture of Paris inwardly - not as a usual tourist, but as a painter, who in this world's art center has spent 10 best years of his life. When the night before Second World War artist arrived to Riga, he did not suspect that the next time he will see Paris only in a deep old age. Because in all of his liftiem, Rūdolfs Pinnis never refused to give up his „ Parisian” colour palette - black, purple, pink, blue, red, yellow, from Picasso, Léger unfounded traditions.

Elvīra Pinnis (1907 – 1984) was a sculptress, in 20th century 30ties was living in Paris. There she met her future husband Rūdolfs Pinnis with whom in 1932 year (Paris) was arranging USSR pavilion (exhibition hall). Artist was expressing her creativity by making fabrice (textiles) drafts to silk factories in Lyons, Paris and London and painting. In Grand Louvre Elvīra Pinnis got acquainted with a Greek terracotta figurines, so she turned to a sculpture. For the first time her artwork was exposed in Martina Bali art salon in Paris (1938). During the time while both artists were living in Paris as well as in German occupied Latvia Elvīra Pinnis was making a minature female figurines in terracotta, majolica, clay, for a surface decoration using also a colour. Once, in middle of 60ties, a friend an engineer brought to mother a piece of cellular concrete in order to take a look - maybe it could be suitable for creative ideas. Back then it was a new construction material. Elvira was excited about the new material comfortable features – it was easy for a treatment and that was very important for mothers drained hands working with an always moist clay. And the inner creative life changes came and delighted not only Elvira, but also, Rudolfs, who always was ready for a something new unprecedented.

New, expresive bas-reliefs - crenellated masks by Elvīra Pinnis bespeaked also Rūdolfs Pinnis and pluged the series of MASKS in paintings.


                                                                                    Mg. Art. Ilze Žeivate, 2012.