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07.06. - 05.07.2011. Neonilla Medvedeva "Allegory of Essence"

07.06.2011. - 05.07.2011.

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

"Allegory of Essence" 2011, oil on canvas, 51x50

Neonilla Medvedeva "Allegory of Essence"

Gallery "Māksla XO" from 07.06. - 05.07.2011

The exhibition "Allegory of Essence" is project for the Master's degree, which arised in Greece, there also was held the first opening of this exhibition. That was an extemporized exhibition for a one day, on the roof of building, it attracted people's attention.

The work reproduce today - in a figurative surrounding of nowadays world's projection. I use spare and unnecessary information as a reflection of nowadays world. This world is expressed in a language of painting, it contains its own personages and expression. By showing and highlighting the information characters literally, I create a world where these characters works as an art characters.

As an information character I use people portraits which serves for advertisement. For example, nobody pay attention to the girle's portrait on the cover of sugar pack. Its function is advertisment, which affects us visually when we buy it. Then we threw the empty sugar pack in a waste box. As soon as this portrait is eternalized in a painting, it makes us to think about habitual, unconscious deeds. By valuing what for the most is not important, it recalls human observation and attention, and this image speaks of the time trend. Similarly in the works are used other characters to whom have not been payed special attention. Characters from old photography, polaroid photography, magazines from the last century and faded advertising posters.

I am interested in a dialog between human character and his reality. I am interested in a dialog between different dimension, periods of time, objects/characters, relationships - nowadays characters and objects, which live in a different world. One of the dialog characters is real and alive, the other - unreal. This difference builds dialog between relationship, it highlights individuality of every character. Personages in a painting are not showed directly, but are applied. The essence hides in the indirect. That what has been discussed and is compleatly direct does not hide anything anymore, and there is no sense to delve there, it has already been told. But the essence hides there - where no one have paid attension untill now. Basically, the other side of the character has been showed, which in an external world is not visible. Like a left mirror it shows incorrect view, which actually looks differently. In a painting the colour transforms into the "not colour", substance into the transparency, physical into the metaphysical or spiritual, lifeless into the live. "Lifeless into the live" - it is meant as a reanimated character of reproduction, as an embodiment of new life in a plane of painting. These characters are comparable to the nowadays allegory. Behind the visual shell of a beautiful outside allegories of nowaday could hide an inner insecurity and to be bent on something soulful and spiritual. Characters are directed towards a viewer, like they would observe a viewer, demanding the same size attention. Viewer, in turn, begins to belive in this positive character and in his own attention finds appreciation to the work.

( Neonilla Medvedeva, 2011.)