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18.11. - 14.12.2010. Aigars Bikše & Māris Bērziņš "THE TIME WILL SAVE HISTORY"

18.11.2010. - 14.12.2010.

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010


Ai­gars Bik­še documentary scul­ptu­re col­lec­ti­on and sto­ries by Mā­ris Bēr­ziņš

"Māk­sla XO" gallery from 18.11. - 14.12.2010


The exhibition fe­atu­res eight re­alis­tic scul­ptu­ral art works ma­de of bron­ze, wood and acrylic. Bron­ze scul­ptu­ral works were cas­ted in Chi­na, Shan­ghai art cas­ting stu­di­o.

All art works of this se­ries is as if it would be aban­do­ned be­fo­re the com­ple­ti­on.

The­re are mis­sing parts or un­fi­nis­hed de­tails, or fi­gu­res are left in the mid­dle of trans­for­ma­ti­on in­to another dif­frent cha­rac­ter.

Me­mo­ries which falls ap­art and trans­for­mes.

Re­al­sti­cal lan­gu­age of for­ma­ti­on and the the­me ap­plies for claim of the documentary mes­sa­ge.

History, as sa­me as past, do­es not exist - tho­se are myths.

In all the works of this series, in va­ri­ous "con­fi­den­ce" le­vels are equally in­cre­dib­le sto­ries to tell. Whom to be­lie­ve or dis­be­lie­ve allows or cau­ses to our edu­ca­ti­on, cul­tu­re...

Un­fin­shed works show the ti­me and the va­lu­e chan­ges. Pa­rhaps the scul­ptu­res ha­ve be­en aban­do­ned be­cau­se it is no lon­ger im­por­tant for so­me­one to com­ple­te them?

In­clu­ded sto­ries which are pre­sen­ted by the tit­les and to­pics cre­ate con­di­ti­on to which a spec­ta­tor as a sub­ject which is at­tac­hed to the ti­me and va­lu­es, is con­fron­ted with the past BRAND, which binds to the audien­ce his per­so­nal experience, memorys,myths.

 Aigars Bikše sculptural art works are complemented by Māris Bērziņš stories and will be summarized in the book.