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07.10. - 10.10.2010. Kristaps Ģelzis. Preview Berlin 2010

07.10.2010. - 10.10.2010.


Prinzenstraße 85 C 10969 Berlin | Germany

Kristaps Ģelzis "VIP" 2010, drawing, mixmedia on paper, 240x95

 Māksla XO gallery presents Kristaps Ģelzis works -

The Māksla XO gallery's concept of the presentation at Preview Berlin 2010 is focusing to show one of the most interesting artist in the Latvian contemporary art - Kristaps Ģelzis.

Kristaps Ģelzis works are created from observing present, from inconspicuous weekday events, which become his art's way out (point of exit) and result in the same time. Using all available contemporary technologies and media and traditional watercolor painting and drawing, Kristaps Ģelzis virtuously and ironically combines individual in a one form with his time and reality, history and tradition, and challenge the spectator to a dialog. And work of art turns into a social space, where we are looking for relationship with what is existing around us.

Kristaps Ģelzis works have gained recognition, likely because he often communicates the peculiarities of Latvian experience through a non-Latvian visual language.

His parodic enterprise is like a de facto commentary on now-days culture and social processes.

The Kristaps Ģelzis's show for Preview Berlin 2010 contains large size watercolour paintings and drawings created in author's technique.


Kristaps Ģelzis " Nothing abstract. For new works we can also use name for today's mood-  "concrete sense". I wanted to show public feeling as simple as possible. From one side we can say that right now is the time for opportunities, but I think that most of the people won't agree with that.

All the time we talk about moral crises, fullness. For now I think spiritual freedom is finally set free. We use fewer words, and concentrate on meaningful things..things, that people really, truly need. In our private life, in our work, in our country. From that point this time is really good. But there are too many people, who aren't free minded, so they can't realize this idealism, where we want to return.

Artists must response. Only then he can be actual, in period, Latvian, if he shows ambiance with what he is in touch, thinks about. "

Mg.Art. Ilze Zeivate
Māksla XO gallery