07.10. - 09.10.2022 ART VILNIUS 2022

07.10. - 09.10.2022


Laisves av. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania

Maksla XO Gallery at ART VILNIUS 2022

Artist: Ieva Iltnere

Booth - 5.19

Maksla XO Gallery will be pleased to see you at the ART VILNIUS 2022 and present Ieva Iltnere’s solo exposition „Embroidered Selfie”.

Ieva Iltnere’s new works are about the individual’s, hers, Ievas Iltnere’s confirmation of faith  – “I paint, therefore I live”. Confirmation for Ieva herself and what she wants to say to others. On the material side, there seems to be very little, but from the spiritual – a huge amount.
On this occasion for the technique of her expression, Ieva Iltnere has chosen a thread-drawn line that has divided our peaceful, “sweet” life over the last two years into black bordered squares and completely black squares. Old embroideries as a counterposition to the present troubled times with war and the dying, and new graves of the fallen. (Ilze Žeivate)

“A line can be created with a pencil; it can be done with a brush and paint. It can be ploughed with a tractor or by placing 100 cubes in a field…
In my new works the line is created with needle and thread, sometimes just with a needle. One could say they are needle works. They gave me a feeling of equilibrium and solace” - Ieva Iltnere, 2022.

Conversation. After 1992 Painting. 2022, linen, cotton thread, 140x200 cm

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