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28.07. - 13.08.2022 PAULIS LIEPA "PAULIS LIEPA Changes in Landscape Elements"

28.07. -13.08.2022

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

Triptych "Getting dark" 2nd part. 2022, acrylic on plywood, 120x60x6,4cm


Changes in Landscape Elements

Through his works, Paulis Liepa reflects on a wide range of philosophical questions and current events - starting from recent war collision points, to simple commonplace items and topics: street, internet, news, advertising. From one subtle character or sign, to an arrangement of characters that conceptually and substantively reveal the search for the truth, the struggle for spheres of influence, the control of geographical entities, the depths of the earth from their cross-sections, cynical, cold calculation, and humanity as an infinitely complex mechanism, where war, unfortunately, is an integral part of its existence.

The latest works from the series “Changes in Landscape Elements” talk about “the movement of tectonic plates that slowly, but surely changes the order of things around us, causing us to change along them - both by accepting the natural course of things and impulsively reacting to external irritants. The disintegration and rebirth of matter, the oscillation of electrified waves in the air, or the convulsions somewhere nearby that awaken primal instincts, the senses are heightened and the world soon becomes almost black and white, sunsets turn blood red, and the evening breeze brings the smell of gunpowder.
The elusive moment of twilight, when the elements of the landscape turn into silhouettes, the details gradually disappear, the night birds start hunting; but somewhere over the horizon, new territories are occupied and new ranks assigned” – Paulis Liepa.

In his latest works Paulis Liepa has turned away from printmaking, creating a signature technique instead - using a plywood base, a layer of typography paint fits into the texture of the surface created with acrylic paint, highlighting details and accentuating the surface relief; thus turning these pieces into unique artworks that closely resemble paintings.

Paulis Liepa (1978) – currently one of the best known Latvian graphic artists with his own bright and recognizable style. The aesthetics of his works have evolved from various influences of the modernist graphic culture of the 20th century, design, architecture and engineering blueprints, especially looking back at the visual aesthetics of the 60’s and 70’s, which the artist uses as his language of expression.
Paulis Liepa has graduated from the Graphic Department of the Art Academy of (1997-2003). He has held 15 solo exhibitions in Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Austria and Russia, and since 1996 has participated in 60 group exhibitions and international projects in Latvia and abroad. Paulis Liepa works are in public collections – Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia), Art Collection Deutsche Telekom (Berlin, Germany), KAI|10 Arthena Foundation (Dusseldorf, Germany), Simmons Contemporary (London, UK), Kaliningrad State Art Gallery (Kaliningrad, Russia).