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28.07. - 13.08.2022 LAURA VELA "Duct Tape"

28.07. -13.08.2022

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

Room 7. 2021, mix media on plywood, 25x20x4 cm


Duct Tape

“Is there a specific teaching that tells not to look into other people's windows? However, I am always quick to look away if my gaze accidentally wanders into someone's windows. The unwritten five-second rule. It is just as intriguing, as studying people on public transport while hiding behind sunglasses. I remember that once someone had written a complaint about their neighbors walking around their apartment naked. So, where is the problem – is it a person who can't help but look, or is it those who don't care that they can be seen? In my opinion, when looking through the windows, a person should be prepared that what they see there can be shocking and something completely unexpected. It's the same with art.
Duct Tape is a symbolic expression of being “outside”. The works were created during the time when parties were quiet and meetings were limited, imagining what other people could do in their homes. The viewer/author is outside.. on the surface of the window only a shadow in the reflection can be found. The window is framing what happens inside, it is an intermediate stage between inside and outside. And if the eyes are the window to the soul, then the window could also be the path for the soul to reach the eyes” – Laura Veļa, 2022.

Laura Veļa researches concept and meaning behind the words identity and time, and uses them as the ideological basis for her creative work, demonstrating contemporary anxiety while exploring new forms and techniques. Laura Veļa develops her technique by combining academic traditions of painting and drawing with new materials and media. Her main creative impulse stems from the explorations and observations of the social environment and identity/space. Artist refers to the impact of soviet occupation trauma on the identity of a modern human as well as the mythology of quantum physics.

Laura Veļa has graduated the Painting Department of Art Academy of Latvia with a MA degree, and is currently attending Practical Doctoral studies at the Art Academy of Latvia.  In 2021 she received Nordic and Baltic Young Artists Award 2020 - Painter Award;  in 2017 Laura Veļa acquired Boris and Inara Teterevs’ Foundation scholarship for master’s studies.
From 2014 onwards she has participated in 30 group exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania and Germany, most notably Uzutrakis Art Festival (2021, Uzutrakis, Lithuania) “Točka” (2020, Riga, Latvia) and “Emerging Lines” (2019, Berlin, Germany); as well as held 6 personal exhibitions. In the recent years Laura Veļa has taken part in international art fairs - Stroke Art Fair (2022, Munich, Germany), Discovery Art Fair (2021, Cologne, Germany), Art Vilnius  (2019, Vilnius, Lithuania).
Laura Veļa lives and works in Riga, Latvia.