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28.04. - 01.05.2022 PAPER POSITIONS Berlin 2022

28.04. - 01.05.2022

Deutsche Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz

Französische strasse 33 a-c, 10117 Berlin

Maksla XO Gallery at PAPER POSITIONS Berlin 2022

Artists: Maija Kurseva, Bodo Korsig

Stand:  Nr. 40

The international art fair of contemporary and modern art, PAPER POSITIONS Berlin 2022, took place in Berlin from 28 April to 1 May, 2022, with a unique focus on drawings and works on paper, collages and photographs, art books, illustrations and sculptures. In addition to works by contemporary artists, exhibited were also works by contemporary art classics and old masters.
Maksla XO Gallery presents the works of two bright international artists – Maija Kurseva (Latvia) and Bodo Korsig (Germany).
Maija Kurševa receives RKA Rechtsanwälte award at the PAPER POSITIONS Berlin 2022!
Each year the award honors one female artist, who works with paper as her main material.


Maija Kurseva’s series “Black Lines”, created for PAPER POSITIONS Berlin 2022, consists of 12 spatial drawings. These are thoughts about a drawing and a line. How to show the flow of thoughts, without using a language? Image on the paper is confined in plane. The line can be carried into space, forced to the gravity, provided with the potential of movement. The colour of the gouache is deeply black, matte and pleasant, the paper cut-out gouache lines on the wall are retained with a brown touch of acrylic. Minimal and flowing shapes do not attempt to portray anything specific, but in observation, the mind forms associations and seeks the recognizable. The process of the work is intuitive – one thing leads to the next. Here we see the waypoint, not the end.
Maija Kurseva (1981) is an artist working with a vast range of mediums, often combining them. Her exhibitions over the last few years have included installations, spatial structures, combined with moving images, graphics, drawings and sculptures. The artist’s ideas often revolve around personal contemplations about the process of creation of a work of art, subjecting the space to an idea, by using visually laconic means of expression. Regardless of the extensive use of mediums, drawing has always been at the bedrock of the artist’s ideas, and it also functions as the method of taking notes of thoughts that pop up on a daily basis.

Bodo Korsig’s main theme for over twenty years has been the examination of the ways and conditions of thinking and feeling. His abstract world is inhabited by oddly familiar shapes and feelings.
“Objects from the series “Metamorphoses” (2014) are formed from paper pulp and afterwards their surface is treated with pigments.
This work is about the power of transformation. Just as nature is in a constant state of transformation, we have the opportunity to continuously change our behaviour and thinking, and leave old, existing structures behind” - Bodo Korsig.
Bodo Korsig is fascinated with love, which he calls a “superpower” that can make us lose all objectivity and commit crazy and often self-destructive acts. Love, along with mortality, memory, poetry, brain science, and the vexing question of what constitutes consciousness. Bodo Korsig’s subject is all of the above made superbly manifest in idiosyncratic shapes of his own invention that are reminiscent of images from brain scans. He says, “Love makes our brain weak, like an infection. It is the most powerful destructive force. But at the same time Love gives you the most powerful Energy there is. Only love can save the world.”
Bodo Korsig (1962) was born in Zwickau, Germany. He works and resides in Trier (Germany) and New York (USA). In 1990 he graduated from The School of Advertising and Design (Fachschule für Werbung und Gestaltung) in East Berlin, where he studied sculpture and stone restoration.
His creating amplua includs sculpture, photography, video installation and stage design.  On multiple occasions he has collaborated with musicians, dancers, writers and poets.

On the 18th of April 2016 Mākslas galerija Māksla XO Ltd. has signed an agreement Nr. SKV-L-2016/57 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)  for the project "International competitiveness promotion", which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.