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20.12.2021 - 17.01.2022 PAULA ZARINA-ZEMANE "Changes"

20.12.2021 - 17.01.2022

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

Changes 10. 2021, oil on plywood, 50x40cm

Paula Zarina-Zemane


„Until now my attention had been captured by a landscape with a simple division of sky and earth, alongside with the integral horizon. Now it seems that I have studied this model of landscape perception long enough and am ready to go further, deeper into this landscape.
The transformation process of my new paintings could be compared to marble deposits in nature – the beautiful formations of marble as a natural in-depth view and my work with my personal perception, deposits of senses.
There are already familiar distances, depths, atmospheric and other moods, as well as my beloved magical realism, this time converted into other visual forms that still depict the nature and landscape, but from another point of view,” Paula Zarina-Zemane, 2020.

„Looking at the latest series of Paula Zarina-Zemane, named Changes (2021), is not unlike looking at clouds shifting in the sky. Many of us have memories of summer days on the beach or in the garden, looking up and seeing the passing clouds. Some forms look familiar – they resemble the shape of a country, the head of an animal, or a giant nose. But that is just for a moment; the clouds move on, the drawing was just temporary, and imaginative. The way figuration appears in the paintings of Zarina-Zemane is similar to this experience. The works are full of possibilities, clouds of color, so to speak, and in these shapes you can see formations coming and going, just as you can see the light changing. But nothing is fixed; movement, or, as the title says, change, is at the heart of the work. (Jurriaan Benschop, 2021.)

Paula Zarina-Zemane (1988) is from the new generation of Latvian painters. She has already developed her personal style, characterized by picturesque, exquisite sense of colour and refined tonal relations. She is also one of the few painters in Latvian contemporary art who focuses on the landscape genre and its various translations and transformations. Graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, department of Painting (2013). Exhibiting her works since 2008, Paula Zarina has held 7 solo shows and participated in more than 20 group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad. Among her major solo shows are - One as Another (2018, Careva Contemporary, Riga, Latvia), The Still Point of the Turning World (2017, Latvian National Museum of Art, Exhibition Hall Arsenals-Creative Studio, Riga, Latvia), Awareness. Four Exhibitions (2015, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia), and a group exhibition - Tension. The Young in Latvian painting (2016, Latvian National Museum of Art, Exhibition Hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia).