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06.08.- 26.08.2020 PAULIS LIEPA "Different Wavelengths"

06.08. - 26.08.2020

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010


Different Wavelengths

"My latest exhibition is about the variability of things, the mutual interaction of particles and floating through a sinusoidal curve, swinging in and out of the twilight zone.
Unevenness of atmospheric pressure, air mass and mood swings, that intensify flag waves and clash of opinions, or, in accordance with the law of energy loss, waiting for these fluctuations to stop completely" - Paulis Liepa, 2020.

Paulis Liepa – currently one of the best known Latvian graphic artists with his own bright and recognizable style. Using seemingly neutral and unpretentious units, the artist reflects on philosophical and current events in a wide range, starting from recent war collision points to simple everyday items and topics, which generally is a diary by the artist as a modern human: studio, home, street, Internet, news, advertisement…
Paulis Liepa (1978) has graduated from the Graphic Department of the Art Academy of (1997-2003). He has arranged 14 solo exhibitions in Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Austria and Russia, and since 1996 has participated in 60 group exhibitions and international projects in Latvia and abroad.
Paulis Liepa works are in public collections – Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia), Art Collection Deutsche Telekom (Berlin, Germany), KAI|10 Arthena Foundation (Dusseldorf, Germany), Simmons Contemporary (London, UK), Kaliningrad State Art Gallery (Kaliningrad, Russia).