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13.02. - 10.03.2020 LAURA VELA "Defragmentation of Mind"

13.02. - 10.03.2020

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

Segment 72. 2020, mix media on plywood, 14x12,5cm


Defragmentation of Mind

„And I come to the fields and spacious palaces of my memory, where are the treasures of innumerable images, brought into it from things of all sorts, perceived by the senses. There is stored up whatsoever besides we think, either by enlarging or diminishing, or any other way varying those things which the sense hath come to; and whatever else hath been commited and laid up, which forgetfulness hath not yet swallowed up and buried. When I enter there, I require what I will to be brought forth, and something instantly comes; others must be longer sought after, which are fetched, as it were, out of some inner receptacle; others rush out in troops, and while one thing is desired and required, they start forth, as who should say, „Is it perchance I?”” St. Augustine, Confessions (10.8, 12)

From 13 February till 10 March 2020 Māksla XO gallery will present Laura Veļa’s personal exhibition „Defragmentation of Mind”. For several years now, the artist has been focusing on researching the terms identity and time, as well focusing on research of the memory in the context of time. Artworks displayed at this exhibition reflect observations of fragmented memories forming one’s identity, how each occuring recollection overwrites yet another fragment of memory and how, as with retelling of stories, they too change over time. How the retold stories form fictionate memories about things that have never even happened to us, so that we trick ourselves with their colourful brightness.

 „Sometimes I feel as if memories are the same as the game called „Secrets” that we played as kids. Every once in a while I dust the sand off to see if they have changed, or perhaps, it is just my attitude that changes?
Observing the memory research we can ask ourselves a question – what are the memories of our identity, special childhood places where everything was possible?
Laura Veļa.

Laura Veļa’s way of thinking has been particulary influenced by her former education in information technologies and physics. That is the reason why the title of exhibition includes the term derived from computer technology – defragmentation – that describes the process of memory file organizing on to a storage device.
The form of the chosen artwork also plays a great importance for the artist. Just like a box of „Secrets” it is suitable for the fragmentation and storage of the memories and invites the viewer to approach it from a very close distance. The reflective surface of artworks creates a new time, synthesized from the perception of present in the past and the present occurring now.

Laura Veļa (1983) researches concept and meaning behind the words identity and time, and uses them as the ideological basis for her creative work, demonstrating contemporary anxiety while exploring new forms and techniques.
Laura Veļa develops her technique by combining academic traditions of painting and drawing with new materials and media. Her main creative impulse stems from the explorations and observations of the social environment and identity/space. Artist refers to the impact of soviet occupation trauma on the identity of a modern human as well as the mythology of quantum physics.
In 2017 Laura Veļa graduated the Art Academy of Latvia and acquired Boris and Inara Teterevs’ foundation scholarship for master’s studies. From 2014 onwards she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania and Germany, as well as held three personal exhibitions.
The artist uses a wide arrange of materials – her most common form of expression is painting, however, she has also created installations, video art, animations and performances.