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28.11.2019 - 13.01.2020 IVARS HEINRIHSONS "Chaos Theory"

28.11.2019 - 13.01.2020

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

Tangle. 2019, oil on canvas, 50x50 cm


Chaos Theory

The title „Chaos Theory“ was chosen by Ivars Heinrihsons as the most characteristic element of his creative work. „Chaos is in me“, admits Ivars Heinrihsons „- and so do the horse“. Unconsciously, without noticing, the tangles of his painted lines and their dynamics becomes the exact visual explanation of the chaos theory itself.
„Chaos theory is science about complex, nonlinear, dynamic systems. In this case nonlinear  means recursion and algorithm. Whereas the dynamic characteristic of chaos is understood as volatility and non-periodicity of changes in trajectories. Chaos is not a category of tangled structures. Chaos is a much higher form of order. It is from the chaos that order is created. Furthermore – even in the chaotic chaos there is an order and there is a scenario of the development existing as well [..].“ (V. Karpuhins).
In chaos each thing influences the other by interacting with each other. The symbol of chaos in mythology consists of all directions. Just as the trajectories of the drawn lines in Ivars Heinrihsons paintings cover all directions – „the composition of my paintings must be clear and legible from any turning point of the painting.“ (Ivars Heinrihsons)
The paintings in the exhibition „Chaos Theory“ demonstrates Ivars Heinrihsons desire to structure without giving up chaos, but instead using its roots.

„Chaos has to be experienced. Chaos must be reached!“

Free movement is the beginning of the chaos. Mistakes are made but one mistake of those can lead to clarity, creating systems, structures and hierarchy. I like to arrange ... tangle everything and then untangle.

"I am the chaos.
Chaos is in me," Ivars Heinrihsons.

Ivars Heinrihsons is one of the most vivid figures in Latvian painting of this time – a painter, a brilliant representative of neo-expressionism in Latvian contemporary art, and for many years a professor of painting at the Art Academy of Latvia.
Ivars Heinrihsons (1945) graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 1973. His works are in public collections – Latvian National Museum of Art and Artists' Union of Latvia (Riga, Latvia), Museo Fundación Antonio Pérez (Cuenca, Spain), Samlung Friedeman Stockart (Munich, Germany), Grafikens Hus Collection (Mariefred, Sweden), State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Zimmerly Art Museum (New Jersey, USA).
Ivars Heinrihsons lives and works in Riga, Latvia.