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18.10. - 13.11.2018. EDVARDS GRUBE "Light"

18.10 - 13.11.2018

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

Edvards Grube. Sunset. 2017, oil on canvas, 80x100cm



“The word “artist” is a beautiful designation for a person who walks this world with heightened perception and tries to translate his impressions into a material that will make them visible to others. A magician.[...]
The language of painting is a coded one. In one single area it encompasses all that needs to be conveyed, and transmits this through emotional impact. The language of painting is music for the eyes and the soul, and its key is colour. The story a painting is meant to show isn’t immediately apparent. It is more likely that a kind of mystical music of colour combinations will arouse in our hearts feelings that seem familiar, yet cannot be expressed in words.[..]
Each painting is its author, each period is a stage of the artist’s life, based on the one preceding it.[..]

Edvards paints with his left hand. Despite the fact that in his childhood he was re-trained to eat and write with his right hand, and is ambidextrous in almost everything, he only uses his left hand for painting.
I love looking at Edvards’ works up close: juicy, not-quite- amalgamated blobs of colour meet each other, melt together and swirl, and without stepping back there is no telling what they will turn into. I love listening to the energetic brush strokes swishing across the canvas. Some thinner- which he uses in ample amounts- will drip from a large brush; now and then a mound of paint the size of a half a tube will fall onto the floor with a splat. Edvards is measured and unhurried in everything he does in life – that is, everything except painting. When he paints, it is as if a marine animal, so clumsy on dry land, has been released back into the sea.” – Inta Celmina.