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09.11. - 05.12.2017. IVARS HEINRIHSONS "Code"

09.11. - 05.12.2017

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010



The exhibition “CODE” is part of Ivars Heinrihsons’ travelling exhibition project in Spain, which will begin in Campo de Criptana on the 4th February, 2018, and will continue throughout the year. The travelling exhibition project, which includes three separate expositions – “Battle with Windmills”, “Signs of Spain” and “Code”, reflects about the influences of Spanish culture on the Latvian painter Ivars Heinrihsons. This project is part of Latvia's Centenary celebration programme and has been organized thanks to the cooperation between the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Kingdom of Spain and “Maksla XO” gallery.
Ivars Heinrihsons’ solo show “Code”, which will be on display at “Maksla XO” gallery from 9th November till 5th December, 2017, later on will be presented at the Museo Fundación Antonio Pérez  in Cuenca, Spain, which is one of the leading Spanish abstract art centres (opening of the exhibition in Cuenca – 3rd May, 2018).

Ivars Heinrihsons is one of the most vivid personalities in Latvian fine arts scene of this time – a painter, a brilliant representative of neo-expressionism in Latvian contemporary painting, and for many years a Professor of Painting at the Art Academy of Latvia. Ivars Heinrihsons has recurrently studied Spanish painting during his travels around Spain, both examining artists’ works at the museums, and visiting their creative environments. For him, visiting Spain means to get closer to Goya, El Greco, Antonio Saura not only virtually, but in direct contact – through their art, the local environment, and mentality. Feeling them as his own, though geographically finding themselves on the opposite sides of Europe.

Ivars Heinrihsons’ solo show “Code” opens doors to one of the most quintessential creative expressions of the artist’s personality. For the artist, A  H O R S E signifies not only an aesthetic fascination with the form or a romantic notion, internally present in each of us. It is artist himself. Something that happens within oneself – conscious, intuitive, still unwitting. 

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