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09.03. - 04.04.2017. MAGONE BOLEIKO "Bioconstructions"

09.03. – 04.04.2017

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

"Nova" 2017, oil on canvas, 80x80cm

MAGONE BOLEIKO „Bioconstructions”

“I believe that there is a General Order, correlations in space and time in its broadest sense. I am certain that the smallest piece is a prototype of the large one; that the evolution happens after a very specific cosmic scenario; that everything evolves smoothly and inevitably. The Big Bang must have had a “seed” and they originate independently. Everything is one big part of the equation, the only thing that interferes in perceiving it is the differences in the scale. The chaos isn’t and never has been here.”

“The Big Bang I”
“Once upon a time there was nothing. There was no time, nor space, nor mass. And then, in the tiniest part of the second, everything arose. Time, space and substance suddenly appeared! Light separated from darkness and the sky from the ground. Everything from nothing,” Magone Boleiko, 2017.

Magone Boleiko has studied Fashion design at the Rezekne Art and Design Secondary School and Stage design at the Art Academy of Latvia, where in 2013 she obtained a Master’s degree in Conceptual painting. Up until this moment, Magone Sarkovska has organized 8 solo shows and since 2003 has participated in more than 25 group shows in Latvia and abroad. In 2010 she won a scholarship and did a residency at Skaftfell in Iceland and in 2012 she got a 2nd place at the Young Painter Prize in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her works are in the J. Bosch collection in Germany.