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05.11. - 01.12.2009. Otto Zitmanis "Overweight"

05.11.2009. - 01.12.2009.

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

"I missed everything" 2009, acrylic on canvas, 70x50

Otto Zitmanis "Overweight"
"Maksla XO" Gallery from 05.11. - 01.12.2009 

Otto Zitmanis's art speaks to audience with explicit vitality and picturesque, brilliancy of colour, form plastics and dynamic composition. Otto uses distortion of reality as an allegory, in order to discover that which only he can see.
The expressive titles of his paintings play as important role as the plot itself. 

On one hand Otto's style of painting with the indelicate plot protests against the doctrine of canonic school, on other - he maintains the typical habit of Latvian painting - to use the emotions somehow hidden, not told directly but told by the third communication language accepted in the local convention.