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24.02. - 28.02.2016. ART MADRID'16

24.02. - 28.02.2016

Crystal Gallery CentroCentro Cibeles

C / Montalbán 1, Madrid, Spain

Maksla XO Gallery at ART MADRID'16

Helena Heinrihsone & Ivars Heinrihsons


Art Madrid Contemporary Art Fair celebrates its eleventh edition from 24 to 28 February 2016 in the CrystalGallery of CentroCentro Cibeles: Art Madrid’16. In this venue, for five days, national and international galleries devoted to contemporary and emerging artists present their artistic proposals in the cultural heart of Madrid.
Art Madrid’16 involves 46 galleries and more than 200 contemporary artists and highlights a significant inflow of international exhibitors.

At ART MADRID'16 the Maksla XO gallery's collection will be formed of recent works by  established Latvian contemporary artists couple - Helena Heinrihsone and Ivars Heinrihsons. She - exposed, daring, lively in colours, expressive. He – a brilliant expressionist with a sophisticated achromatic palette. His paintings are a result of intense thinking revealed in imaginary form.

Ivars Heinrihsons (1945) is known in contemporary Latvian painting as a great Expressionist. He entered the Latvian art scene in the 1970s with his paintings in expressive earth tones, but only in the late 1980s did he renounce bold colours and turned toa sophisticated achromatic colour palette, where the black line or field is the basis for everything - both expression and stability. At the same time, Ivars Heinrihsons made a conceptual choice between three creative themes - pianos, horses and ballerinas – which through his own prism personifies one's ego (including Heinrihsons'), its primal nature, spirit and intellect. 

Heinrihsons graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia (1973). Since 1973 he is a Professor of Painting at the Art Academy of Latvia.
His works are in public collections - Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia), State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Samlung Friedeman Stockart  (Munich, Germany), Zimmerly Art Museum (New Jersey, USA), Grafiken Hus Collection (Mariefred, Sweden).

Ivars Heinrihsons lives and works in Riga, Latvia

Helena Heinrihsone (1948) appeared in the Latvian art scene in the 1970s. Already then, her works stood out among her own generation with their daring nature – they were considered to be too exposed, too daring, too lively in colours, too expressive.
In 1980s, Helena Heinrihsone’s colouring became even more laconic and her painting as a whole – more expressive. The colourfulness and elegance in her work appears at once as grotesque or as well as parody. A resolution of conflict plays a big part in her works, regardless of the subject. Since 1990’s, laconism in her compositions of painting has been replaced with real themes of wild nature.
Helena Heinrihsone expresses herself also in watercolour, lithography, photography, painted porcelain and animation.

Helena Heinrihsone has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia (1973).
Her works are in public collections - Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia), State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Zimmerly Art Museum (New Jersey, USA), Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NY, USA).

Helena Heinrihsone lives and works in Riga, Latvia.