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18.09. - 21.09.2014

Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin-Mitte

Brunnenstraße 19–21, 10119 Berlin. Stand 2.14

Gallery “Maksla XO” at POSITIONSBerlin 2014

In this year „Maksla XO” gallery presents at POSITIONSBerlin 2014, recent works of two established Latvian artists - Ieva Iltnere and Kristaps Gelzis, and one emerging artist Arturs Berzins.


Ieva Iltnere "Liebe" 2014, acrylic on canvas, 125x200 

Ieva Iltnere (1957, Latvia) – the painter Ieva Iltnere’s touch could be described as gently defiant. She has succeeded to retain her unique and recognisable style while transforming and experimenting at the same time, and somehow managing to be always contemporary. Ieva Iltnere’s  paintings achieve their inimitable power by making super temporal aestheticism, ornamentation and beauty to mix with documentation of the era, irony and even social commentary. The paintings are unique with their paradoxicality – not quite intellectual and yet vaguely stimulating the mind, never allowing to trust one’s senses completely. Feelings and sensibility are present, yet susceptible to displacement. Everything is perfect, yet nothing is in its proper place.

Kristaps Gelzis (1962, Latvia) - is artist who is able to present himself in various contemporary artistic mediums – large scale drawings, watercolours, fluorescent paintings, 3-dimensional objects, digital prints. Last four years he interested in plastic paintings - created in that sort of way and with that kind of means of expression that this method definitely could be called an author technique. Instead of canvas these frames are disposed with a plastic polythene, but on them are spread different synthetic materials ”colors” or structures - plastic bags, polythene, scotch, acrylic pigments painting, markers drawing, inkjet printing on transparent film. Kristaps Gelzis is interested in portraying society through the game; that is why such opposites as joke and seriousness, directness and delicate poetics, irony and sentiment can be seen simultaneously in their works. At 2011 Kristaps Gelzis was presenting Latvia at the 54 La Biennale de Venezia.

Arturs Berzins (1971, Latvia) – is one of the most prominent contemporary artists with his own unique, especially refined drawing-painting technique. The main emotional impulse is found in the nature and in the environment, where the artist lives. And for that reason in the central role of Arturs Berzins’ art is the relationships between man and nature. His paintings - monochrome and visually ascetic series of works – are conceptually exciting studies of traditions in a landscape painting, culture and system-ceating structures, time and the passing of time, as well as traditions of thought. With a painting Arturs Berzins has accomplished a conceptual study of our idejas about nature and the role of art in the creation of our perception of reality. Arturs Berzins has organised more than 10 solo-exhibitions.

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