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28.05. - 22.06.2009. Drawing V

28.05.2009. - 22.06.2009.

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

Normunds Braslins. "Girl with the Necklace" 2009, Indian ink on paper, 40x40

Drawing V

"Māksla XO" Gallery from 28.05. - 22.06.2009.

Group show DRAWING is one of the largest and most long - standing Māksla XO Gallery projects, which provide the gallery with the opportunity to demonstrate and offer a broad collection of contemporary drawings by most interesting and well known latvian artists:

Harijs Brants, Normunds Braslins, Ilmars Blumbergs, Maris Bisofs, Oleg Dzjubenko, Kristaps Gelzis, Anna Heinrihsone, Helena Heinrihsone, Ivars Heinrihsons, Sandra Krastina, Tatjana Krivenkova, Kristine Keire, Neonilla Medvedeva, Irena Luse, Laima Puntule, Vija Zarina, Kaspars Zarins, Kristaps Zarins, Otto Zitmanis.