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05.12. - 07.01.2014. Tatjana Krivenkova "ZEPHYR & KEFIR"

05.12.2013. - 07.01.2014.

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

"Zephyr" 2013, oil on canvas, D-140

Tatjana Krivenkova „ZEPHYR & KEFIR”

Gallery Maksla XO 05.12.2013 – 07.01.2014

Tatjana Krivenkova is a well-known paintress with a finished and exquisite feel of colouring. For a good while paintress has been focusing on numberless quests of light and colour:
“I have been painting quite a long time and have developed my own language and signs, which can tell my thoughts. Redundancy takes away the essence. I want to abandon everything. I don’t think that it is an alienation from the reality, sooner - its attraction closer to you, a greater penetration. ”

Colour and light are the main subjects and primary elements for Tatjana Krivenkova.
Paintress is not interested in pure monochromic painting, but rather in the interplay of nuances of transperent colour that overlap in layers or blend into one another. Tatjana, in her own charecteristic way, exhibits an abundance of subtle interwoven shades – highly concentrated in some places and more diffuse in others, creating an iridescent, vibrant, virtually three dimensionally painted fields that has the power to draw the viewer into total absorption in the observation of the clour phenomena.

“ZEPHYR & KEFIR” – were the first words that came to my mind, when I saw my last exhibition “The Light diverges from the Darkness”. So I decided henceforward to paint everything that breaks out of me – beauty, tenderness, lightness. The exhibition hasn’t even been installed, but the next title is clear already...” Tatjana Krivenkova, 2013.

Tatjana Krivenkova has graduated Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Monumental Painting (1988) and Master studies in Department of Graphic Art (2010). She has organized 23 solo exhibition and participated in more than 15 group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad. For her exhibition "The Light diverges from the Darkneness" (10.03.2011.-05.04.2011) in gallery “Māksla XO” Tatjana Krivenkova was nominated for the prestiges "Purvītis award”.
The works of Tatjana Krivenkova are in public collections – Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia), Riga Porcelan Museum (Riga, Latvia), Latvian Artist’s Union Collection (Riga, Latvia), Pedvale Open Air Museum (Pedvale, Latvia), Swedbank Contemporary Art Collection (Riga, Latvia).