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15.08. - 10.09.2013. Ilmars Blumbergs "I WON'T DIE AT ILZE'S"

15.08.2013. - 10.09.2013.

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

"Light on a Wall with a Painting of the Sea on Solstics 2034" 1999-2012, acrylic on cardboard, 40x50,5

Ilmars Blumbergs "I won't die at Ilze's"

Maksla XO Gallery from 15.08. - 10.09.2013


Ilmars Blumbergs oeuvre is both the questions and the answers to humanitys causes of existence, arising to those who can be humble, released, open and eager to see it. And how many dare to seek it, or are able to detect themselves?
Each of us has only one opponent- himself.

"Why does one have to paint the sea on a wall and wait for the Solstics when the evening light shines in my workshop, reaches into the sea and lights yellow diagonal, almost imperceptibly, gliding across the horizon?
Why must I paint and wait for another year and next year to see it again?
This coincidence and combination of human rights of decrepitude that melts with perfection in nature. And I, the naive one, am trying to paint it!
Why? Just let it go, and get to the edge of the sea, sit down and watch how the sun is flowing" says Ilmārs Blumbergs.

What ever the master addreses- graphics, painting, sculpture or stage design, it also serves as a source of visual pleasure and cultural aesthetic and as a medium through which to perceive universal human truths. With his personality and creativity, Ilmārs Blumbergs is one of the contemporary Latvian artists whose work fascinates and touches viewers around the world. Simultaneously, with the exhibition in Māksla XO gallery ( Elizabetes street 14 ) Ilmārs Blumbergs exhibition will open at the Exhibition Hall "Arsenals".