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18.04. - 15.05.2012. Ieva Markevica-Caruka "LINOCUT"

18.04.2012. - 15.05.2012.

Galerija "Māksla XO"

Elizabetes iela 14, Rīga, LV 1010

"Madonna" 2012, linocut on paper, 68,5x43

Ieva Markevica – Caruka


gallery “Maksla XO” from 18.04. to 15.05.2012


Lino or linocut is a graphical technique where a drawing is cut in a sheet of linoleum. Especially popular this simple and concise technique with a white line on a black background became in a beginning of 20th century, which in a world's history of art has recorded names like Picasso, Matisse, Ben Nicholson, but in Latvian art history – linocut album “Expressionists” (1919) which were made by Expressionist group and published with works of J.Kazaka, R.Suta, N.Strunke, V.Tone, K.Ubāns and O.Skulme.

Despite the fact that in the end of 20th century popularity of linocut noticeably decleined 21th century has come back with a new mental tension, with a contradiction between mental and material, between eternal and worldly, with vitality, which again made to turn back to this harsh and laconic technique.

Ieva Markevica – Caruka works in a linocut technique since the eighties of 20th century. At first artist graduated Graphic department at the Lvov Art Institute in Ukrain (1981 – 1985), afterwards at Graphic department in The Latvian Academy of Arts, which she finished with the diploma work – cycle of linocut “Latvju teikas” (“Latvian legends”)

In a works of Ieva Markevica – Crauka and especially in a linocuts is visible strong impact of Ukrainian folk art primitive forms, expressive broken and sharp lines, laconism. Exactly this expressive and impressive line is the strength of Ieva Markevica – Caruka works, but content is life creation and continuation, its continuity and connection of nature proceeds.

The exhibition "LINO" will offer the latest large format (55 x 65 cm) linocut works: "Woman and the Earth", as well as smaller-sized works from earlier years: "Hope Planter", "Two", "Rural Madonna", "Rural works ", etc.

Work titles discripes the basic idea of exhibition - Hope, Work, Love.

“To me linocut is like poetry, quatrain, a quintessence of thoughts, not a roman or novel…”


Ieva Markevica – Caruka