Marite Guscika

Marite Guscika (1980)

Marite Guscika’s painterly style is dominated by abstract compositions and a pronounced achromatic colour scheme, in its multi-layered and pastoral painting revealing subtle nuances of grey and black.
Art historian Diana Barcevska characterizes Marite Guscika paintings as a young, 21st century woman's emotional barometer. But art critic Peteris Bankovskis writing: “The paintings are abundant of greys and blacks, dynamic swirls, spiral flows, maelstroms, whirlpools, coils. […] There are no straight lines that one could follow, or angles to which one could cling to. It seems that the artist visualizes the meditation, expressed in the text, as an absolutely non-linear process, as an alienation from sensually perceptible, as a renunciation from an opportunity to get attached.
Is she documenting her spiritual struggle toward purification and ascetic existence? Or maybe this – contrariety – will be only a pause before something else? The viewer cannot guess this. But this in-depth research of her own kingdom of darkness reminds those moments in almost every women’s life, when the darkening afternoon dusk falls and she sits with folded hands in the lap, looking into herself, right at the bottom of the heart. While the images of everyday, home and relationships (with herself and others) swirl around quicker and quicker until turning into noise. Noise transforms into melody, melody – into silent flicker, and then – silence.”

In the latest solo show “Hedge”, Marite Guscika continues her meditation, demonstrating painty and open painting at the same time that flows over the borders of the canvas, inviting viewers dive into the emocional rich world of painting.

Marite Guscika has graduated from the Department of Painting of the Art Academy of Latvia (2007). Since 2003, she has participated in group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, and organized 5 solo shows.
Her works are in public collections: Latvian National Museum of Art and The Mūkusala Art Salon (Riga, Latvia).