Magone Boleiko

Magone Boleiko (1985)

Magone Boleiko’s painting is known for its distinctive framing of recognizable object-world on canvas. At first, these seemingly easily decipherable fragments of life the artist is able to transform into rhythmical layers of colours and pure lines – the absolute abstraction of the reality. Boleiko finds her inspiration in the works of Joseph Kosuth, Banksy and Žiga Kariž, as well as in various artistic movements, such as pop-art, realism and conceptualism.

Magone Boleiko has studied Fashion design at the Rezekne Art and Design Secondary School and Stage design at the Art Academy of Latvia, where in 2013 she obtained a Master’s degree in Conceptual painting. Up until this moment, Magone Boleiko has organized 7 solo shows and since 2003 has participated in more than 25 group shows in Latvia and abroad. In 2010 she won a scholarship and did a residency at Skaftfell in Iceland and in 2012 she got a 2nd place at the Young Painter Prize in Vilnius, Lithuania.